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HA 0 comic book project

Super Victor is a comic book character and blockchain alter ego of a 2 year old boy who had to battle for the right to control his body. Heroes Assemble is the start of the story on how a community across the world banded together to root for Victor and the Blockchain.

Below is a breakdown of the comic book workflow and process with various drawing apps, devices and countless drawings! 

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Victor and his loving family. 

Victor was diagnosed with SMA-1 before he was one year old. Victor's parents, Adelina and Valentin made it their mission to find the treatments that would give their son an opportunity to live a full life. After fundraising over 2 million dollars, Victor got the treatments that has him growing into a healthy boy. 
the workflow of Heroes Assemble comic book cover

DTM was given the task of creating a comic book cover based on the ideas from Valentin  and the original character art by REB Full Metal. The goal was to have a superhero collage of characters who were instrumental in raising funds for Victor's treatment. 
The requirements for the cover were to have a superhero collage, use of the world planet, the X for MultiversX logo, originally was the Elrond blockchain logo, and the SuperVictor logo developed by Valentin. 
the story

The comicbook story is inspired by the true events starting at Victor's diagnosis and following the worldwide community to crypto investors and nft collectors. DTM grabbed some pieces of the true story and created a plot that included the blockchain world, in this case it was Elrond blockchain and E-Gold crypto.

Writing for the script took a bit of time as Valentin told DTM the story of their diagnosis and struggle to find treatments for Victor. DTM added a parallel story that took place in the blockchain, and that was meshed together in the first issue's script.

Once the comic cover was released to bring awareness to the project, it was time to work on the comic book and outline the story with thumbnails. Thumbnails are a quick process to layout the story and see how the art supports the plot. 
pencil roughs

The thumbnails and script have been approved! Time to flesh out each page with characters and action. Don't go crazy with the details. 
pencil sketches

The characters and details are coming together along with some background ideas to support the story and show the action in dynamic ways.
clean pencils
inked pages

At this point, lettering starts to take up some of the panel space and we have to balance the art and storytelling. 
flat colors and shading pages
final renders

The book was completed in various file formats for different distribution and uses. Digital files were organized in PDF, PNG, Jpg and high res Tiff files. 

Original supporters in Europe received their copies in early 2024 and the Amazon version of the book was released world wide in February 2024. 

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the SuperVictor community from the around the world
Adobe Fresco, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop and Sketchable App
supporting cast of characters
comic art style inspirations
comic cover character studies
Welcome to the Super Victor Universe!
HA 0 comic book project