Grafiske spor fra fortiden / Graphic traces of the past
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    A brochure with different sights and a map to show where they are
The client
School assignment

The project
Present a city or a place you want to show. It can be a place that inspires you, unknown places that only you know of. Present a happening, a theme or details from that place in the form of a book, folder, brochure or a magazine. Write at least 1000 words about this place.

The result
I wanted to show signs of old hand painted wall ads and store signs still visible in Oslo city. The reason is that I think todays ad commercials and signs lack the handcraft feeling. It's just printed ads and machine cut plastic signs.

The product is a brochure with 9 different sights. Each place is photographed and a small text tells you about the ad or sign. There is also a map with a suggested route you can follow, using a city bike (a free 24h city bike card is included in the brochure).

This is the first brochure in a series of 4 and it's a part of a bigger exhibition about graphic design before the computer was introduced. The exhibition will take place at DogA (Norsk Design- og Arkitektursenter).

The brochure is a cooperation between DogA and Oslo Bysykkel (Oslo City Bike).
The front of the brochure. It fits right in your pocket!
The back of the brochure.
When you open the brochure you see a 24 hour city bike card and a short text about the brochure and the exhibition.
When completly unfolded... get a map on one side.
Close-up of the legends and addresses of the sights.
Map details.
The other side of the brochure contains pictures and text about the sights.
Perhaps the red diamond line remind you of bicycle tracks..?