Candle for Vibrancy

Industrial Design
Afternoon Vibrancy (ANV)
began with inspiration from everyday moments of life.
It's the moment that gives you vitality and makes you look around from a new perspective.

We want magical moments to last a little longer, like drinking tea or walking in the park.​
The moment when the candle is lit, the scent evokes new emotions and thoughts.
Candle for Vibrancy grabs moments like this and stimulates emotions.


The Candle for Vibrancy series consists of four types.
It captures the moment of change, and embodies its own beauty.
Each candle is properly lit, or shaped to be reminiscent of something.

The shape, resembling both a person and an exclamation mark, 
evokes emphasized or emotional moments.

Like exclamation marks, some special scenery can be emphasized to bring life into the space, 
and when you think of the shape of a person, you feel like you're with someone.

W 43 x D 25 x H 90 (mm)

The subtly transparent thin section retains a little light, like a piece of fruit. 
The spread of a fresh scent as soon as you cut a fruit resembles the evocation of mood by lighting up a candle. 

The shapes associated with these special mood swings can make everyday life interesting.

W 68 x D 35 x H 123 (mm)

The convex belly shape, which feels like you are breathing, is a symbol of vitality.
The fresh transition of the atmosphere looks like inhaling and exhaling with air.

Light that stays slightly along the thin border creates shadows, creating a rich impression.

W 120 x D 30 x H 65 (mm)

New ideas and words are often expressed in the form of balloons inflating.
They have the form of speech balloons or thought balloons, which are symbols of conversation, in cartoons 
and messengers.

It contains a symbol of pleasant communication that can bring up new ideas and positive conversations.

W 83 x D 75 x H 170 (mm)​​​​​

The candles at Afternoon Vibrancy (ANV) are handmade with precious time and care.
Each candle is handmade, just like a small piece of artwork.​​​​​​
Fragrance & Color

Candle for Vibrancy can be selected from four fragrances (colors) each by shape.
- White Dress (White)
- Botanical Garden (Green)
- Cookies & Jam (Red)
- Night Shirt (Black)
White Dress (White)

The scent of a romantic and tranquil dress is 
akin to the sensation of donning garments crafted from velvety cream.
Cookies & Jam (Red)

The warm and delectable fragrance of freshly baked, homemade cookies,
inspires the feeling of indulging in a sweet treat on a leisurely afternoon.​​​​​​​
Botanical Garden (Green)
The fresh fragrance of a garden in full bloom,
evokes the joy and peace of entering a delightful party surrounded by flowers.
Night Shirt (Black)

The fragrance of the tranquil and mysterious dualistic night is
reminiscent of donning atmospheric sleepwear and winding down for the day.
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Candle for Vibrancy