El Coso
El Coso is a project we developed at Espacio Virgen in a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this creative training workshop we were asked to develop an object that would be both helpful and interesting for mexicans traveling to Buenos Aires, such as ourselves.

The result, a survival kit with a concept based mainly on humor and a mixture of  both mexican and argentine cultures, backed up with the creation of a legend of how "El Coso" began.

Traveling around the world 
meeting new people, cultures and lands. In their travels they carried with them a part of Mexico to 
remember where they came from and share it with their new encounters who would then share
back a piece of their culture.

Legend tells that before leaving each new place, they would gather all the mexican things they had 
brought with new things they had found and buried them in a time capsule for the next mexicans 
who would adventure to follow their footsteps. Decades passed and no one heard of them again. 

It wasn't until  fifty years later that, buried deep in the heart of  Buenos Aires, "El Coso" was found.

Many theories may exist but it all 
comes down to a mystery: How is it that objects from half a century ago remain current today?
Coso - (m. noun) Spanish word for thing. Replaces the name of a person or object.

"El Coso" is a very common expression in Argentina to refer to different objects. 
As mexicans we found it funny they used "coso" in masculine as opposed to "cosa" in femenine which is what we use.
El Che Nerdo -  mexican/argentine expression for geek or know-it-all.
> Diccionary and Transalator of Argentine slang.

El Cosito - diminutive for coso.
> The Legend of "El Coso" and the explanation of the objects it contains.
El Che Nerdo
El Cosito
El Cosito
El Escencial -  the essential or must-have
> Warning instructive for electronic devices and Argentine voltage.
* includes the adapter.
El Subte - Name for the Argentine Subway
> subte-pass holder with schedule and map.
La Joda - Argentine expression for drinking and partying.
> Contains Fernet (famous Argentine liquor)

La Vida - the life
> Contains mate herbs (for making the famous Argentine infused drink)

El Remedio - the remedy
> Contains mexican hot salsa (for curing insipid foods)

El Alivio - the cure
> Contains mexican tamarind candy (for curing homesickness)
El Coso
El Coso App
> Cellphone app for having the most useful information at hand.
   Includes: "El Coso" explained, the translator, the subway schedule and map and a city guide.
made by Spectro Design | Monterrey, MX | 2011
El Coso
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Tere Hinojosa