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    Profile for the 2011 edition of the annual end of the year awards for the Norwegian School of Creative Studies

The client
Norges Kreative Fagskole (Norwegian School of Creative Studies)

The project
Create a profile for the 2011 edition of the annual end of the year awards for the Norwegian School of Creative Studies in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger.

The profile consist of a promotional poster and diplomas for all courses. Each course will have two different diplomas; "Best student work" and "Open class".

The result
As the school only have creative studies, we wanted to find a way a way to combine them all. We started to do research on similarities between the different courses and ended up with networking. Without networking you won't get really far in the creative industry. Not only networking within the same profession, but also other creative professions. Who knows when you suddenly need a photographer and a journalist for your friend who's working on a brand new magazine, where you happen to be the graphic designer.

This type of thinking also reflects how the school works. There are several assignments where the students are working across the courses.

To visualize this we created a pictogram for each course and placed them in a network. All the pictograms on the posters are equal, while on the diplomas the pictogram for the given course is highlighted.

We used black and gold colour to give the posters and diplomas an exclusive awards-look.
The different courses available at Norwegian School of Creative Studies
The poster (50x70mm - black print on gold paper)
Details I
Details II
Diplomas: "Best student work" and "Open class" for Graphic design (A4 - Regular print on glossy paper)
Lots of diplomas!
Detail of the "Open class" diploma. The students name, the principal and the jury foreman was handwritten with a white pen. The white stapled line is to give a more detailed "title" for the open class diploma.
Detail of the spot coloured icon for the film-diploma.
A video report from the awards (Video by Line Smestad and Nicholas Tidemann)