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Suburb Street Performance Recorder

Contemporary Street Performers face new challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of the online environment. While online Street Performances offer novel opportunities to connect with audiences worldwide, they can't replace the authentic live music experience.

The 16:9 frame we encounter online merely captures a fraction of the true essence of a live music performance. In reality, the music scene encompasses not only the joyous audience enjoying the music but also the sunlight of the day, the ambiance of the space, and other environmental factors.

Suburb is the Street Performance Recorder designed to capture the true essence of live music scenes beyond the confines of this frame. We're revolutionizing the way music is experienced and shared, bringing the authenticity of street performances to the digital world.

Suburb is equipped with a 360-degree camera, HiFi monitoring speakers, and spatial audio microphones.
The 360 camera in Suburb captures not only the performance but also the atmosphere. Supporting 4K 60fps high-definition recording, it faithfully captures the dynamic performance of the musician and the vivid environment, ensuring nothing is missed.

The Hi-Fi monitoring speakers are strategically positioned to face the performer, delivering effective monitoring performance. Meanwhile, spatial audio microphones, designed to capture the vibrant sounds of the music scene, are placed opposite the monitoring speakers, allowing for pristine recording without interference from the monitoring sound.
Anytime, Anywhere. Just leave it.​​​​​​​

Suburb has been ingeniously designed to accommodate the characteristics of street performances, allowing for unrestricted usage in any space. 
By combining it with a tripod, users can effortlessly set it up anywhere they desire. The tripod attaches to the product's side via magnets, enabling convenient portability. Moreover, users can utilize the carabiner on the top of the product to hang it for usage or carry it with ease. 
This innovative design ensures that Suburb adapts seamlessly to the dynamic and mobile nature of street performances, providing performers with unparalleled flexibility and convenience.
The ultimate option for street performers.

Typically, musicians have had to deal with tangled and inconvenient cables when recording with instruments like guitars, keyboards, and basses. However, Suburb offers a simple and dramatic lossless recording experience through its 2.5GHz true wireless technology.
The wireless transmitter, which connects via a 55mm TS connector, is perfectly housed at the bottom of the device. Once the transmitter is plugged into the instrument, all recording preparations are complete.
Capturing a unique perspective.

The camera in Suburb can be detached from one side, allowing you to shoot from the desired angle. 
For example, using a dedicated clip attached to the guitar head, you can capture special and dynamic perspectives, such as the view of the guitarist's fingers while playing. 
Of course, you can also easily attach it to any magnetic surface for shooting.

Designer: Woojin Jang @woojinjid, 1 of @297.office
Photographer: Dokyum Lee @madi_depict
Model: Gyutae Cho

Special Thanks for Huisu Jo

2024. 03

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