This is one of those projects in which you feel involved from the very first minute. We received the assignment of creating a naming and rebranding for a Diamond Store that would take place in nowhere.

The name "diámond gállery" had a double meaning. "diámond gállery" used as a spanish interjection for happiness. Following those two basic concepts we created a visual world with a living logo that would adapt to the circumstances and formats and that could transmit that shine.
A quadrilateral with four sides of equal length (by definition) a quadrilateral in which the diagonals are perpendicular and bisect each other. a quadrilateral in which each diagonal bisects two opposite interior angles. a parallelogram in which at least two consecutive sides are equal in length.
A new colour scheme was created which consists of 3 pairs of complementary colours plus white. This will not only help break up different events and sections, but will  also help make that transition from traditional to contemporary a little bit clearer. This was paired with a new slogan and corperate typeface.
As well as using the shapes as part of the brandmark, imagery is key when it comes to promoting one-off events
such as Photoshoot. It was important to create a brand template which can be easily altered to
keep a consistant branded look to all events.
Frame 01
Frame 02
photo frame
stationary closeup 01
stationary closeup 02
stationary closeup 03