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好事寶品牌更新|House Good Rebranding

Good House rebranding



好事寶House Good主體經營家庭清潔相關產品,在過去的銷售模式中主要以快速銷售的直播營銷與團購通路為主;然而在事業體快速成長之下,為進軍實體銷售通路選擇重新定位過去較為混雜的品牌視覺定位。


Finally liberated from a hard week's work, when I open the door of my home, I still see a scene after the bombing.
A clean and comfortable weekend life may only be seen in dreams....
Don’t be discouraged. In a life with modern technology, cleaning is no longer a time-consuming and fruitless chore like in the past. All you need to do to get it clean is a spray. Get ready to turn on your vacation mode and enjoy a wasteful life.

House Good mainly operates household cleaning related products. In the past, its sales model mainly focused on fast-selling live broadcast marketing and group buying channels. However, with the rapid growth of the business body, the choice of repositioning to enter the physical sales channel has been more mixed in the past. brand visual positioning.

In this brand update, we analyzed the difference in demand between fast sales and physical channels for quality life, and transformed the powerful advertising and irritating pictures that were common in cleaning products on the market in the past into low-cost products that can be integrated into the modern small family life style. Visual packaging re-starts the overall brand tone with a relaxed, unburdened and interesting visual experience, allowing cleaning products to break away from the chaotic, noisy and urgent brand experience of the past.


專案類型 Type | 品牌規劃 Branding
專案年份 Year | 2024
客戶 Client|雅莉緹國際有限公司
製作單位 Production | AAOO Studio

好事寶品牌更新|House Good Rebranding


好事寶品牌更新|House Good Rebranding