Deja vu Park
 Designing a New Park Next to a Historic One: Creating a Déjà Vu Experience
In the heart of a storied neighborhood, a burgeoning project aims to revive the ambiance of the old park and forge a deeper connection with the area's past. The new park's design is intended to elicit a sense of déjà vu for visitors who have memories of the old park.
Park Audience: Connecting with the Past
The consumers of this new space are those who have ties to the old park and have retained memories of it. The design of the new park is such that it rekindles feelings of nostalgia and familiarity.
Design Solution: Harnessing Architectural Déjà Vu
Déjà vu is a mental state where a person feels that a scene they are witnessing has been experienced before. In the design of the new park, digital 3D imagery is used to depict parts of the old park throughout the new space.
3D Digital Images: Creating Visual Associations
Carefully captured 3D digital images of the old park are placed within the new park to generate a feeling of being in the old space for visitors. These images, displayed on screens, cause visitors to Linear Patterns: Linking to the Past
In the new park design, linear patterns similar to those in the old park are employed to create a deeper visual connection with the surroundings. These patterns are intelligently scattered throughout the new spaces to enhance the sense of continuity with the old environment.

Deja vu Park