Film Premieres
Events Design 2008 - 2010

In Roland Emmerich's film 2012, Earth’s entire crust shifts, instigating gigantic tsunamis and massive floods. The red carpet design translates these themes of earth displacement and flooding highlighted by a tsunami installation. Tectonic segments form an abstract interpretation of the torn earth surface with cracks filled by flood water. Subtle projections of words and symbols related to 2012 add another visual layer.
Star Trek

Developed from the curved formal language of the Star Trek logo, three major sculptural elements arranged on different levels mark the procession of the stars. The photo wall serves as primary backdrop for press photos, the Star Trek gate  is an extra point to cheer into the crowd, and finally the Star Trek tunnel connects the red carpet to the interior of the Cinestar movie theater. 
Paramount World

To commemorate the opening of Paramount's Munich HQ, visitors were introduced to the world of Paramount Pictures with the most poignant assets they have: their past, present and future films. Eighteen spheres form an idealized cloudy sky onto which sixteen projectors beam various graphics and film segments showcasing Paramount's rich history and future. 

In ‘Salt’, Angelina Jolie plays a CIA agent, accused of being a Russian mole harboring multiple identities. The design of the photocall wall takes this notion of multiple identities, and abstractly interprets it through layered extruded logos of varying sizes to create an ambiguous sculptural topography. 
Quantum of Solace

Glossy black logo walls and floor capture the elegance of the 007 brand. The primary photo wall is complemented by a rear wall featuring Bond themed film segments in the vein of the film series title sequences. In addition to design and supervision, adNAU also produced the looping two minute film segment, across the four rear wall media windows. 
Karate Kid

The new installment of ‘Karate Kid’ with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan is set in China. Inspired by that locale, the event design offers a Chinese pagoda style stage with photocall wall. The wide steps in front of the pagoda served as a platform for martial arts performances during the red carpet proceedings.
Transformers II

Inspired by the film trailer, the red carpet event captures a frozen moment of the fifteen foot high Transformers logo mask undergoing an explosive motion.  Splinters are distributed across the red carpet, creating a dynamic and unifying composition that channels the flow of people on the carpet. 
Monsters vs Aliens

To accommodate multiple bars, dining and VIP areas for the After Show Party, the podium was treated as a modulated topography with 3D buildings.The screen of buildings separate functions while referencing the skyline of San Francisco as the film's over-sized characters experience it. Within this topography, important areas were highlighted with models of the film's stars while large scale UFOs hovered above.
Where The Wild Things Are

This design proposal for the NYC premiere in Lincoln Square, combined elements of the films most memorable locations, "where all things are possible", into one amazing landscape. Capturing the same child like and improvised design sensibility displayed in the film. Extras in the Henson Creature Shop monster costumes would present opportunities for interaction.
Film Premieres