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Enchanting Silhouettes

Makeup Arts
Enchanting Silhouettes
The project is a journey through the decades, showcasing the styles and tastes of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1980s AD. The overall appearance combines the makeup and style of these three periods. Although the makeup elements of these eras have similarities, they also have differences.
They are interconnected and follow one another.
The photography has remained true to the project concept by highlighting the critical aspects of makeup and style, using distinct lighting, and implementing a creative idea.

Published on rebel.mag
Creative Directors: golbarg.muaamirhslo
Photographer: amirhslo
Makeup artist: golbarg.mua
Art director & Stylist: @nahidbehboodian
Hairstylist: @hairstylebysaqar
Models: @zarraahy @lookatamiin
Makeup assistant:@samina.mua
Behind Scenes: @cestnegz

Enchanting Silhouettes