Whimsical Landscapes
These whimsical landscapes began one day when I was waiting for our island ferry.  Ferry waits can be as long as several hours and I've always brought along my sketchbook or note book.  One day I started sketching the little village across from the ferry landing and since I knew it well, I found myself looking at it from a new perspective. I've now done a number of these 'whimsies' as I call them.  The most recent ones have all been commissions.  I enjoy doing them and until recently relied only on my imagination to 'set the scene'.  I've found I can visual almost anything from almost any angle.  Recently I've used Photoshop to manipulate my original sketches and to create draft art for clients.  My most recent piece was a combination of pencil, watercolour and digital colouring.
Whaletown Whimsy - watercolour and ink, size 28 x 18" (71 cm x 45 cm) .  This was the artwork that started this series.  Quaint little village of only a few houses, a post office, miniature library, a church and a general store (now closed). 
Squirrel Cove Whimsy - watercolour and ink, size 32 x 22 " ( 81 cm x 56 cm).  As I created an image that was larger than a standard full sheet of watercolour paper, I did it in pieces and collaged it together, floating it on a painted plywood board, attached with brass screws.
Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site - image size 36 x 48" (91 cm x 122 cm).  This is my first acrylic whimsical landscape.  I designed the opening exhibits (1994) for this Canadian National Historic site.  I've always appreciated our maritime history so an exhibit call for artwork related to the Cannery produced this image.  It portrays the history of Canadian west coast fishery from Haida First Nation canoes to contemporary drum seiners and all the cannery activity from the 1890's until the present. This painting is now exhibited in the Campbell River Maritime Heritage Centre and is used in their education programs. A graphic key to historic elements was also provided.
T'ai Li Lodge - image size approximately 20 x 30" (51 cm x 76 cm).  A commission for wayfinding and marketing.  I worked with acrylic as water colour on illustration board with ink.  Client has used on brochure and interactive web site.
Gorge Harbour Whimsy - image size  26" x 48" (66 cm x 122 cm), watercolour and ink on prepared panel. A commission with many objectives for wayfinding and marketing.  A full size print of this image is in active use on the Gorge Harbour docks and in the booking office.  Also reproduced as greeting cards and poster.
Mansons Landing Whimsy - image 32 " x 40"  ( 81 cm x 101 cm), on textured mat board. Ink and sepia watercolour.  I'd been working on this idea as a personal project.  Then a village planning group asked me to finish it so it could be used in the planning process.  This one was a bit more challenging as the point of view had to be almost overhead in order to show the appropriate part of certain buildings.  I had meant to colour it in, but as you can see all I've managed to do is a little bit of the ocean area.
Victoria Whimsical Collage Landscape - image size 16 x 16" (41 x 41 cm).  A departure from my typical whimsies, but done in the same spirit.  A commission for purchase of original and reproduction of 80 full size prints for an employee award program.
Canada Sports Hall of Fame exhibit hall whimsical interpretation - image size 16 x 22" (41 cm x 56 cm). Commissioned for use with Hall of Fame - Arts and Literature in Sports Education Program.  ink and watercolour, completed with digital colour. 
Hakai Beach Institute Whimsical Landscape - This is an early draft of the idea.  It was done from my memory and imagination following a week long visit.  Commission to create 36 x 48" wayfinding and natural history image.  I'm currently completing the final artwork in acrylic on canvas.  I'll post the completed artwork shortly.