Wise Panda - Brand Mascot

The path to learning Mandarin isn't a walk in the park. It's filled with ups and downs so you can easily lose your motivation. But fear not! Meet Hui, the wise panda who sprinkles wisdom, balance and harmony into your learning journey. Confederation Studio gave us a task to bring this concept of Hui to life. 

We had to create a brand mascot capable of shining in various scenarios to add personality, enhance the experience and support learning. After defining the style of the panda we came up with twelve different animation for the panda in Lottie format.

So meet our wise Panda!


But let's go back to the project's beginnings when all we had were the guidelines on what emotions should our panda convey. It had to be whimsical, professional and witty, helpful and humble, relaxed, understanding and encouraging. We sketched out many ideas in search of the perfect panda.


To bring our panda to life, we followed a simple scheme where each stage had to be approved by the client. We started with sketches, followed by vector illustration,
and lastly it was animated using Adobe Animate for traditional animation
or MOHO for cut out animation.





Client: Wise Panda
Directed by Animwood

Agency: Confederation Studio
Production: Maciek Butscher, Rafał Blecharz
Art Direction & Design: Martyna Pianka
Animation: Wiktoria Gnat, Karol Szulc, Pantelei Zaporozhets
Cel Animation: Dominika Gronek
Wise Panda - Brand Mascot