Everyday normality
Darn grass has grown so tall again.
Mystery. There is a spot on office floor carpet. Where did it came from- nobody knows.
A giant cock fight. In this kind of weather?
We'll do a quick stop at the store. We only need milk and some bread and... Waiiiiiit, but what do you think about that?
Excuse me old chap. Happen to have a squirt of milk i could borrow for my cup of fancy?

Wait, what? Bloody hell, don't scare me like that. You want a sigarette? I have none. Or what did you want anyway?
Go to bed late, they said. It will be fun, they said...
Catching the morning bus.
The first. OK. Yes, car was okey. Good weather, good country. Yes. First corner - second gear, second corner- second gear. Then. Perkele - first left tire. Tõdõnk- tõdõnk. And now, car there. i here. Sometimes lose, always win.
I'll hit the shower and then go to bed. Are you coming also or are going to stay here? Are you?
What? Yes. No, i mean yes. No. The show, it's going to end soo..
What? Yes. No, yes, i'm.. Wait a second. Right away. Wait. I will. I have to calm down for a second. yesyes...
Ei perkele (Oh shit), already lurking to get their claws into my wallet.
Yeah, it's nothing complicated. In springtime- shit to the bottom, potatoes on top. In autumn, you take up the potatoes and leave the shit to the ground. You ought to leave it on the ground anyway- it will cook good during the winter. Uh, who was it, who said the phrase "fuck it". Yesyes, Pärn. True story.
So much work to do and no time to do my own stuff.
You brought it?
And you don' t know who did?
Gosh, darn. I can't work when it's sitting right here..
What do you think? Should i take those with high heels or the ones with the warm interior which are superwarm and nice and cute.? Or does this heel part look too strange? Or.. I don't know. I'll try the ones i was looking earlier already. Or what do you think? Are they worth even? You know, the ones i'm using right now are so old and are going to brake down any time. Or should i go and try the ones i already tried at the last shop? You know, the brown ones. The ones which were supercute. You remember? Should i?
Everyday normality

Everyday normality

Everyday still scenes spiced up with a little humour.