A commentary on American and South African subcultures.
The concept for ‘yay! for today!’ comes from an intimate relationship with 2 countries I am willingly stuck between: America and South Africa. It’s a commentary and celebration of everyday happenings in these regions.

The American section focuses on specific states, mainly in the internationally marginalised Midwest: Wisconsin, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

The South African section focuses on events/people: street vendors, having tea with a Tannie, 21st birthday celebrations, and going to school.
The Dairy State has two popular football teams (the Green Bay Packers and the Wisconsin Badgers) where loyal fans go all out by painting their bodies and wearing “cheeseheads” to games. Wisconsin is also one of the top beer brewing states. ‘On Wisconsin’ is Wisconsin’s state song which is sung at Badger games. This pattern was applied to a blanket that would be worn during the very cold fall/winter football season.
From the state of Missouri, it takes 12 - 16 hours to drive to the closest ocean, however there is a 55,000 acre man-made lake (located in Missouri), the Lake of the Ozarks, in which most Missourians drive to in the summer as a getaway destination. Vacationers spend their days lazily floating on rafts often outfitted in Louis Vuitton bikinis, Gucci sunglasses, watershoes, and drinking cheap beer from a cooler.
This state contains a lot of small towns where there is not much to do. But a state where the adult obesity rate is as high as 52% there is always a McDonald’s, KFC, and plenty of variety when it comes to fast food. Basketball and the Kentucky Derby are popular events to watch, but not necessarily partake in.
With Nashville, TN being the ‘country music capital of the world’, this state contains lots of musicians who love to eat BBQ (a pulled pork type of sandwich). In order to reflect ‘old western’ music poster design popular in Nashville, the pattern was cut into stamps and stamped onto napkins that one would use at a BBQ.
Arkansas is a mysterious state. The most interesting research found was based on its ‘World Famous Armadillo Festival’, ‘the Annual Hope Watermelon Festival’, ‘the World Championship Toad Races’, and duck hunting.
Street Vendors:
Often seen weaving in and out of cars at robots, street vendors attempt to sell anything you could imagine: from hats to vuvuzelas to wire animals to cell phone chargers. With their smooth-talking, relentless, and sly conversation, I am reminded of a pimp who rules the streets. Thus, this pattern was made into a pimp coat, to show everyone who’s boss.
Tea Time:
In a formal setting, having tea can be far from exhilarating. Rituals and order, manners and tact all play a role in typical tea time with a Tannie.
21st Birthday Celebration:
21sts are celebrated in a grander way in South Africa than most other countries. It can be compared to a wedding reception for a single person. Themed parties are common. For example, everyone invited dresses up as something that starts with the letter “P” for Pieter: pirates, prostitutes, policemen, pilot, etc.
South African School:
School is a place where a kid can be a kid, but only within the rules of the school. Chaos and fun, tuck shop snacks and uniforms, botany class and boredom all co-exist.