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    Common Heritage is a project still seeking funding. Grant application materials available upon request.
Common Heritage
Proposed Project Seeking Grant Funding. 
Working in collaboration withlocal non-profit arts organizations and educational institutions this projectwill reach out to young female students and diverse populations of artists to interpretthe cultural heritage of their region currently endangered by environmental,social, and political concerns.
Utilizing contemporary digitaltechnologies in our working sessions, we can share with the rest of the nation,and indeed, the rest of the world, the vital artistic heritage necessary for a diversedigitally mediated future.
Time in country working with local participantswill be an opportunity to deepen the understanding of the country’s unique contemporaryenvironment, its social and political tensions, and its artistic heritage asshared by local artists.

In skill share workshops I’ll work directly withparticipants to create digital animations, projections, and installations thatspeak to the rich cultural heritage. The focus of the work will be customized to the existing skills andexpertise of the selected participants. During working sessions participants willshare answers to questions critical to the creative process. It is these questionsthat provide the most direct route to achieving our goal of increasing mutualunderstanding at a personal level.

Through a series of digital videoconferences participantswill also be introduced to their emergent American counterparts utilizing contemporarytechnologies and practices that reinforce the role of culture as a vector forsustainable development and poverty reduction.

The nature of the tools being utilized toproduce this project lend to an online dialogic space congenial to artists,students, casual readers, and scholars alike. All content produced will be made available online as well as on a mobile application. In this online environment wewill provide content in English as well as the native language of the hostcountry to achieve the goal of increased understanding of these countries’unique landscapes and rich cultural traditions. 

Additional grant funding will besought to bring this project to additional regions at risk for environmental,social, and political degradation.