In this project I will show off my transition to better looking maps through PowerPoint, Photoshop, and GIMP.
I switched from Word to PowerPoint for certain very large maps, though there was little of real benefit besides the larger screen access. But I also was trying to start using cartographer tricks to start implying terrain.
Finally I tossed in the towel and left the vector graphics behind to create stronger images within Photoshop.
If I made drastic changes to the vector graphics I was forced to completely rebuild the bit graphic image though I have learned a lot since then.
But now I could take any vector map and give it real dimensionality.
This became especially as I began working with Virtual Tabletop gamers who needed maps that could be played upon directly in their software.
There are game designers all over that need the services of cartographers and artist, so I'm on several of those social sites, and I've done some published work.
But I still spend the majority of my time on own campaign design.
I obviously have a very technical, realistic approach to most of my work, but I'm still learning, and as I began selling more of my work I'm sure that I will learn to emulate others as well.
In the last project I will adress my work with GoogleEarth and how I use that amazing tool to give real dimensionality and style to my view of these fantasy worlds.