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Lenticular Film Camera

Beyond Sight Into Memory, Forever Embraced

We hope to forever remember the impressive moments through photographs.
Disposable photos taken with our cellphone cameras become precious memories in our galleries.
However, over time, the emotions and thoughts captured in these photos gradually fade from our memory.
All the cameras around us focus solely on the subject, without recording the person taking the shot.

But beyond the brief moment, what value might the memory of our own presence hold?
From this question, we have designed a new type of camera that is not confined to unidirectional shooting.
The lenticular film camera ‘Ditto’ captures both the subject and the photographer in the fleeting moment,
making us aware of our existence in that instant.

Gently tilt the recorded memory.
And remember, alongside the happiness captured within, the sight of yourself happy in that memory too.

Slide to capture both the subject and yourself together.

When you place the Ditto with captured memories on the printer,
it prints out the photo with a lenticular effect applied.

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Beyond Sight Into Memory, Forever Embraced.

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