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    Here are examples of my world building/cartography for Fantasy RPGs, starting with the simple vector graphics within Microsoft Office.
Fantasy Cartography has been a love of mine for many years. This is the first time that I've tried to document my growth from PowerPoint and MS Word maps and documentation to my use of Photoshop and even GoogleEarth (which I will handle in a separate project).

Here is the primary setting that I created ten years ago for my home campaign. The planet of Angathal, and the continent of Sembal, as the Great Experiment came to a close.
I continued to use Word primarily because the vector graphics allowed me to drill down and create detailed maps without loosing detail for the larger views.
And as I got better the regional maps got better, and due to vector graphics the whole map get better.
The whole time I am doing this development directly inside Word and I can add information in tremendous detail.
Even cities were easy to create inside Word.
Perhaps I shoulds stop there and start writing a manual on how easy this is. Would it sell?
There was no reason to stay with black and white, and even in Word you can do a lot.
I'll create separate projects to show my Photoshop and GoogleEarth creations.