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    Digital painting of a Fantasy Landscape and a photographed portrait turned into a foreground figure.
This started as an exercise to use my newly installed graphics tablet's pressure sensitivity with GIMP.
Five hours later I chose to take a break, and put some thought into the figure I now imagined in the foreground.
This old photograph of me in cos-play black came up during my search, but now I had to turn myself into a Tiefling.
So I found a good image of horns that seemed to be at a good angle.
Then using photoshop I adjusted the angles and implanted them into my skull.
Then using Photoshop tricks, that I use often, I made my photograph into an illustration.
Prepped for insertion.
The final product six hours from beginning to end!
I may still make adjustments, since all the layers are protected and I can rearrange and change the light and color later.