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    Large-scale artworks I've done over the years.
Some large-scale artworks I've done over the years. These are challenging in the sense that I'm used to working in solitude, but it's really a lot of fun once you get in the "zone." I'd like to do more of these in the future.

Mural for betahaus, a coworking space in Barcelona. The piece is called "I Believe In Unicorns" and uses the same architypography style.
Mural for The Farmhouse Cafe. A collaboration with my sister Marie for their cafe in Antipolo.
The Farmhouse Cafe featured in Good Housekeeping magazine.
The Quiet Wall tells the story of HEDCen (Holistic Education Center), a progressive school in Antipolo that started with just three students and now has over 400. 
Based on the stories and anecdotes of Emma Gutierrez, HEDCen's founder, along with inputs by various teachers and staff of the school, I created the piece using permanent markers over a period of 3 days.
The Quiet Wall is located in HEDCen's canteen, and provides the viewers with visual stimuli during their recess and lunch breaks.
At the parking lot of Le Cafe Curieux. Collaboration with Spanish artists Cesar Caballero, Suso 33, and Toto Morris.
Master graffiti artist Suso 33. He handles a spray can even better than a pen or brush.
Toto Morris
Multidisciplinary Cesar Caballero, too fast to photograph (all photographs in this set were taken by his wife, Mathilde)
Every few months, the wall is covered up with a new artwork, so this is no longer up.
A group of artists (including Chati Coronel, Jeanne Tan, Edrick Daniel) painted trees in every classroom in HEDCen, a school in Antipolo. This is my work in progress.
The finished work in the background. Unfortunately, the wall was devoured by termites and had to be renovated later on.