Noise Singapore Promotionals & Proposals
What's Brewing? (Chosen Design)
This design is intended to create intrigue and curiosity in the viewer. It is a subtle and quiet way of inviting the viewer into creating something that is amazing for himself. Something that he may inturn trigger curiosity in another. The vintage feel and " Kopi (Coffee) " cup are intended to inject a measure of local flavor into the artwork. Something that is paramount in today's creative community in establishing a truly Singaporean design identity.
Web Banner Adaptation
" Art is the only way to run away without leaving home "
Inspired by a quote from Twyla Twarp, the artwork commends and strengthens the creative resolve within viewers. It is a firm reminder that home is where the heart is. That heart for many creatives come in the form of their arts, crafts and ideals. Thus the postcard hopes to enforce creative purpose for the generation of confident and amazing new designs in the Noise competition.
Explorations aims to inspire the viewer into a course of action whilst arousing a sense of wonder and curiosity. I hope to encourage the aspiring designer or photographer to go beyond his comfort zone and explore his creative limits in the same way an explorer sets about into the unknown, at times discovering revolutionary and fresh ideas.