Madrid, Spain
Ateneo de Madrid - Entrance Hall Revitalization: Competition entry to re-imagine an existing classical museum entry hall into a contemporary, simple, elegant, & inviting clean gallery space. The blank canvas presented to you now is a “tabula rasa” lying in hope and anticipation of the creator. It is a room redefined by the simple extrusion of the notable “arch”, its underside placed into flux by the introduction of unbounded, imagery, sound and light. While the architectural past is presented as reminiscent with the remaining vocabulary of the staircase, relocated statues, exterior iron work and unmolested limestone exterior elevation; the space now has transformed, becoming both a “jewel box” and “stage” where the artist, the writer, the musician, and the scientist are incorporated and included among and within the architecture. The space holds firmly to “nothing” and promises to participate with everything; the choice is at the whim of the composer and orchestrator, interpretation remaining to be written.