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    Railway station
Gazprom work settlement railway starion
Problem: to develop a new railway station concept for for the working settlement Gazprom's gas production in the wild far north.
In Russia, a sufficiently large number of gas fields are located in the far north - the area with severe weather conditions. The safest way to get to these places - the railroad. The task of the station - the meeting and distribution arriving workers. At the same time there may be about 1,000 people. There are a spacious lounge and recreation areas for workers wich waiting of departure. Station is located near a helipad, for sending people directly to the work settlement. Also nearly is the hotel where workers can sit in the case of long waiting times of departure.
Now about, the structure. Because in those places there is no soil (but is permafrost) - a common construction is not possible. All buildings are made on stilts at a distance from the ground - this reduces the heat emmision (so that the cost of heating) and prevents melting of ice under the constitution. Railway station shape dictated by the reduction in heat loss, by reducing the surface area of the object, a rectangular shape would have a large surface area. Also, this form is more streamlined and doesn't allow blizzards to cover station. We made a large area of glass (polycarbonate) to reduce the cost of lighting the station during the day and to make more transperent construction.