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About the Client:

Bartosz Rychlicki is a pioneer in the world of transformation solutions, with particular emphasis 
on business mentoring, coaching and corporate consulting. Focusing on effective business management, 
Bartosz wholeheartedly devotes himself to entrepreneurs striving to fulfill their dreams. Driven by a true 
passion for supporting small businesses.


The website's navigation efficiently guides visitors around the website, presenting solutions to a wide range 
of challenges in an accessible way. Clever inclusion of the client's initials in the logo, smoothly combined 
with the guiding line, demonstrates not only creativity, but also thoughtful design. This symbolic fusion beautifully reflects the brand's core values while adding a contemporary flair. Featuring a clean and modern aesthetic decorated with the brand's vibrant orange color, the website offers an impressive and consistent visual representation of our client's identity.

Brand Identity      Motion Design      Social Media      UI Design      Webflow Development

Brand Design: Marta Kokosińska
Motion Design: Bartosz Żuber
UI Design: Jacek Nowak
Development: Darek Sułtanowski, Jacek Nowak
Project Management & Business: Igor Subocz

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Rychlicki Business Mentoring | Branding & Web