Take care of my health on time.

 +CLOCK is a digital clock that can automatically distribute pills.Unlike commonly used pillboxes and pill dispensers, it is naturally located anywhere in the home space with the form and function of the 'watch'. It is usually a clock on a table or shelf, but it becomes a dispenser that automatically distributes pills at the time set by the user.

What is the meaning of taking medicine naturally?

 Most of the time, we keep our medicines in the refrigerator, on the table, or on the shelf and try to take them on time. Consuming a variety of pills, from health supplements such as vitamins and omega 3, to diabetes pills that must be taken on time, can sometimes be cumbersome, and if you miss the time to take them,you will stop taking them or you will not get the medicinal effect.

There are two fundamental causes for preventing natural use.

 First, accessibility to take the pill is low, and secondly, it's because of the perception of different individuals' time every day.Most pills are placed somewhere unspecified such as boxes and refrigerators to avoid direct sunlight, making it difficult to visually recognize that you have to take the pills. The user forgets to take the medicine because it has a low association with time. People with irregular lifestyle habits or patients with Alzheimer's disease cannot take medicine because their awareness of time is not constant even though they have to take it regularly.


The place where the pills are stored should be visually recognized in the open place of daily life, and the storage method should be directly connected to the time of taking, creating an accurate schedule for the user.

Seems comfortable wherever.
+CLOCK can be anywhere in your space.Unlike storage boxes that had to be in the corner to avoid direct sunlight, +CLOCK, which has the usability of watches, can be placed in various places, such as by the bed, on the desk.

Just an ordinary digital clock.
The front has a built-in LED display to display the time. A button to adjust the mode is located on the side, allowing for operation such as setting the alarm time.

Separate easily.
You can manage +CLOCK by removing the display cover.The back of the display cover will sound an alarm to the user via a built-in speaker.

Set it up as you want.
+CLOCK has a disc that can be used to distribute 28 tablets and four preset buttons to choose how many tablets you take per day. You can choose the number of times you want, such as four, three, two and one a day, and divide the pills.​​​​​​​

Take care of the invisible things.

 Silica gel can be placed in a case to dehumidify the inside of the disc to prevent moisture-prone pills from spoiling.

At the right time.
After distributing the pill according to the preset, closethe cover and operate the side buttons to set the alarm time for when to take the pill. When the alarm is set, the distributed pills rotate along the disc, opening the hole and dropping onto the tray.



+CLOCK is a digital clock that can automatically distribute pills.Unlike commonly used pillboxes and pill dispensers, it is naturally located an Read More