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    On branding a humanitarian/mission trip.

Uganda Fundraising Campaign
by Leah Erica Chung & Others that Helped Me So Graciously

Making "Fun"draising Letters Fun
For the summer of 2011 I went on a Global Issues Internship trip to Uganda for 5 weeks with a team of 11 other students from various Intervarsity chapters throughout New England universities. I’ve wanted to go to Africa since I was a little girl watching the Oprah show, where she’d do amazing things like build educational institutions, etc. To cover the steep cost of the trip, I had to think of ways to fundraise besides writing support letters (since that didn't do so well for my first mission trip to Japan a few years back). Inspired by the crazy infographics from Good Magazine and following my sister's suggestion to create one for my trip, I tried my own infographic support letter to send as pdf files to my friends, family, colleagues, etc. It explained how the global internship trip linked to my vocational dream of becoming a social designer in context of a Christian, as well as 5 different ways to support me or the cause.
I also decided to design and sell T-shirts as I was never comfortable with receiving charity money. I wanted to give something back in exchange for people's donations so I conducted a T-shirt campaign through Facebook, where a virtual shop was set up through a photo album. The T-shirts were also used as a way of raising awareness about the atrocities committed by the Lords Resistance Army in Uganda since 1987.
The campaign was a huge success with people donating at least double the minimum price for the T-shirts. I even received $100 in the mail from a stranger from Texas. It was just amazing to see friends, family, and even strangers willing to support my efforts in unexpected ways. Thanks to them again! 
My friends were nice enough to model my T-shirts (Top Row: Alexa Foster & Jordan Wong / Middle Row: Keela Potter & Justin Clemons / Last Row: Ryan Bugden & Michelle Cho). These were ads uploaded on Facebook. 
People could comment on the photo of the T-shirt they wanted to buy and make an online payment through a provided link. Deliveries were made personally or by mail, destinations ranging from Seoul, Korea to the East and West Coast of the US.
The T-shirts, branded specifically for this trip and the causes behind them, garnered a lot of support from my group of friends who spread the word throughout Facebook. 
Thanks to Josh Sung, Ryan Bugden, Michelle Lee, and Heeju Choi for staying up with me in the studio to help out. 
Post-Uganda Letter
Below is the letter I sent to my supporters/customers after the trip. I once again used infographics in order to remain consistent with the rest of the campaign. For a more thorough account of my trip, check out my Moleskine journal that documents my daily thoughts and experiences.

Thank you.