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XP-1 | Teenage Engineering

Industrial Design

XP-1 is a handheld gaming console designed for the brand Teenage engineering. Developed with love for the module "Techno Aesthetic Detailing" at Karnavati University, with goal of understanding brand design language and target markets.
4 weeks 
University Project

Brand Analysis
Before idea generation, it was necessary to analyse the current brand Teenage engineering products as well as their ethos. This highlighted areas that could be changed without loosing the product association with the brand.

Identifying the Users
Inital research on how and why the users often need a distraction from the present. This emphasised the need to keep the the most basic form of communication in the final form and how important the aspect of fun is for everyone.

Concept Stories
With the help of rapid sketching in the early stage we brouhgt out of the inner child of us to bring different concept stories for the nostaligic and fun experience of the product. This was achieved through a quick primary research (interviews, surveys etc.)

Rapid Cad was implemented into the design process to more easily visualise the tangile interaction, form and function of the product. When paired with quick prototyping using thermocol models, clear design directions were finalised.

Sketch rendering was used to to present the final four forms in a cohesive manner. This step helped us to find the final overall form of the device.

The success of this project would not have been possible without the invaluable contributions of my team members and the exceptional guidance of our faculty, Dr. Umang Shah, Dr. Shyam Prajapathy, and  Sharad Shetty.

Pls note that this is an academic project and it is not associated with Teenage engineering brand


Mastering minimalism was a key takeaway from this project. Every detail matters in achieving clean, functional design. This project journey also gave me knowledge on Design for manufacturing (DFM), intricate product detailing, aesthetics and how design communicates brand values and target markets.

XP-1 | Teenage Engineering


XP-1 | Teenage Engineering

Analysis and Exploring the Brand identity and aesthetics of Teenage Engineering, to create a Handheld gaming console.