Samsung Infuse 4G phone from AT&T
Samsung Infuse 4G phone from AT&T
Campaign Launch
TAG LINE: Colors so real, it's almost unreal.  (National Campaign)
Campaign Interpreted for Digital
Home Page Hero — Final Frame
FRAME 1: Phone screen is off.
FRAME 2: Phone screen turns on.
FRAME 3: Full screen appears with colorful flowers.
FRAME 4: Bees see flowers and think they are real.
FRAME 5: More bees begin to swarm from foreground.
FRAME 6: Bees investigate and begin to land.
FRAME 7: All bees are convinced the flowers are real.
FRAME 8: Bees rest on phone screen.
Campaign Interpreted for Social on YouTube
With colors so real, it's almost unreal, a series of videos on YouTube trick animals with it's big and brilliant screen into believing what they see in the screen is real. Check out these videos.
Campaign Interpreted for Print
Print Version