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    A rebrand of San Francisco's museum The Exploratorium.

BASE is a rebrand of San Francisco's museum The Exploratorium. With a mission to change the way the world learns, we bring you a new BASE to build upon. BASE is also an acronym for Bridging Art and Science Education. 

Primary Logo

BASE Sans was created and inspired by the likeness of DIN Next Rounded LT Pro. A stencil like approach was  incorporated into the design to allow a dual system of usage. It may be used in its totality or in its deconstructed form, giving it an encrypted feel to it forcing its viewer to decode the message. The deconstructed portions may be used as a placeholder for other material to exist (refer to posters).

In use:

Business Cards
Business cards are such a great opportunity to step away from the overly serious corporate look, if the client is up for it. In this case because BASE (The Exploratorium) is such a fun, free spirted place I felt it appropriate to go this route. I strongly believe that each individual who works at this museum contributes something very special and unique why not show it somehow on their business card? As seen below, employee Paola Meraz "Leads with curiosity, creates with passion," this allows anyone that receives their card to know something special about that person they met. To keep up with the playfulness, the phone number is spelled out rather than the typical numerical system.

The letter head follows the same approach as the business card. With a beautiful die-cut of the logo that allows color to show through when folded. Upon opening a received letter from BASE you are instantly greeted with a personal quote from the sender. 

Promotional posters of the rebrand to be posted throughout all of San Francisco. All of BASE's promotional posters are typography driven and strictly use BASE Sans. When appropriate, the deconstructed portions of the typeface become a placeholder for other material to exist, in this case, reflective material was used to add an element of surprise (best seen in video below.) From a distance the poster appears to be shimmering at you and the closer you get you start to realize it holds a message .The messages found on the posters all incorporate the word BASE in a clever way. This is a branding strategy to get the public familiarized with the new name and keep it in their subconscious.


Brochure design

Not your typical fold out brochure, designed as a special giveaway received upon exiting the museum. Serves as an informative piece about the museum as well as a two-sided poster. Brochures are also sent through mail upon request.




Interior Kinetic Signage