Fulgora Films - Identity
Fulgora Films is an audiovisual production company based in New York, was founded in 2010. Their focus is on international and mainstream projects, with the goal of making entertaining, compelling and innovative films with strong artistic storytellers. They are determined to nurture emerging and singular talent across the globe. “In Roman mithology, Fulgora was the female personification of Lightning”, the concept of light is the base of photography, we designed the isotype synthesizing the image of the butterfly "Fulgora Laternaria" using a line type that simulates neon lights and has two eyes whose parallelism is the constant need to "observe" to represent the world through the "image". Both the construction of typography and the isotype have a line type to "connectors" where communication of the company is in constant motion and fluidity. The representation of the logo simulates a "mask" that talks about the look of the company through their eyes.