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Mid Century Modern Homes Collection

Mid Century Modern Homes
These simplified iconic illustrations were created out of my love for mid-century modern architecture and the architects who designed them. Created in collaboration with Tyler Merkel from Mid Century Michigan; who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise about modern homes.

Have Your Mid Century Modern Home Illustrated
In order to fund this project, I can be commissioned to have your mid century modern home or building illustrated. If you are interested please contact me via e-mail –  michael@mkn-design.com
This project is ongoing and will be printed on a letterpress printing press once funds have been established
 Creative Direction / Illustration
Bergers House — 1967
Architect, Chuck Carter
Risom House — 1967
Architect, Jens Risom
Alcoa Care Free Home — 1957
Architect, Charles Goodman
Kendalwood Home — 1964
Architectural Firm,  Albert Builders
Eames House — 1949
Architect, Charles Eames
Flatstone Carlee Straight Home — 1959
Architects, Obryen & Knapp for Albert Builders
Glass House — 1949
Architect, Philip Johnson
Riverside Garden Home — 1957
Architect, Wayne McClure
Miller House — 1957
Architect, Eero Saarinen
Freeman House — 1966
Architect, Gunnar Birkerts
Farnsworth House — 1951
Architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Michigan State Medical Society Building — 1959
Architect, Minoru Yamasaki

I have been testing plates, paper and ink utilizing the Flatstone Carlee Straight Home - the detail is amazing and prints will become available soon.
Mid Century Modern Homes Collection


Mid Century Modern Homes Collection

Ongoing project illustrating Midcentury Modern homes and buildings.