Eat something! I'm starving just looking at you...
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    A sample of my food writing work.
I always said I was a tough cookie with a sweet center, a tiny woman with a mouth to equal her appetite.

So you will often find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen, popping up at the latest pop-ups, sampling the wares from the food trucks, hunting in the tiniest of food shops, meandering the markets, cheering on the local foodpreneurs and of course writing all about the experience.

Below a taste of my writing as the Biggest. Nigella. Lawson. Wannabe. Ever.
From Allerhande, the food magazine of the Netherland's largest supermarket chain.

This is what happens when you take the amazing Philly Cheesesteak and you 'polder' it down with Dutch ingredients and cooking methods...

Still, cute photo, no?

And I got to represent the my hometown's favourite dish.
You do not have to be a slave to fancy marketing and have Gwyneth Paltrow's bank account to feed your family the healthiest, most delicious and conscientious food possible.

This article for the popular Amsterdam Mamas website shows readers how to decipher labels and food industry marketing to make the wisest, healthiest and yummiest choices on a budget.
There are a couple things I can not live without as a busy working parent determined to feed her family healthy home-cooked meals without dropping all my juggling balls at once.

One is my weekly meal plan. The other is my slow cooker.

This article pays homage to this glorious kitchen appliance.
Not only did readers get a simple, comforting, healthy, fall-friendly recipe, but tips on how to engage their child in the cooking process, upping the veggie-acceptance factor at the same time.