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 For some, a city of possibilities and a place to work, for others a place of anonymity. It is a city with 3.5 million different people that share one similiarity: their contribution to a unique individuality and energy. Despite the city’s fight against bankruptcy, its potential has never been this great or people’s belief this high. Led by a new generation of creative entrepreneurs Berlin works on its never ending facelift; a former butchery turns into a fashion boutique, people dance til dawn in ex-STAZI-hideouts and students open their own studio beneath the tracks. Each and every minute offers the chance for your dreams and ideas to become reality.

We are showing interesting, crowded, silent, inspiring and nice places of Berlin. We measured 24 hours of smell, taste, sight and touch in a day and mapped that in 4 different maps. The maps are printed on silk scarfs.

ich liebe...

The overall theme is ‘Ich liebe...’ Every Skarf is packed in a giftbox and labeled ‘Ich liebe deine berührung’ or ‘Ich liebe deinen ton’. You can compliment somebody by giving him or her a ‘lovely’ part of Berlin. The measurements are linked to coordinates of places in Berlin. Every Skarf owner can find those places at the Ichliebe.org website.

Skarf will be sold in selected stores across european creative capitals. First stores will be Tenue de Nîmes (Amsterdam). A limited amount of Skarfs will soon be available online.

A project by Anothercompany (Joachim Baan) & Bas de Boer.