From Concept to Creating: Crafting the ISOCAST Brand

ISO Conformity Assessment Specialists and Training (referred to as ISOCAST), is a South African Auditing, Training and Consultancy organization that deals with offering auditing, training and consultation services to companies seeking to get their products or services ISO certified.
The deliverables included strategic branding, brand positioning, brand naming, brand identity and marketing communications design for print and digital media. The first challenge was to name the brand and compliment it with a sharp, professional, and clean logo that would be timeless and appeal to their target audience.
To meet this challenge, we first had to come up with creative and strategic ways of naming and creating the brand. The company already had a lengthy business name, which meant that our solution had to be simple and clear enough for their target audience to recall the brand, while learning what the company does right away, since that they were newly established.

So we created a typography-based logo, usually called a monogram or lettermark, by reducing the business name into its initials.  We then added the full business name below the logo, to capture the essence of what the company offers.

We then created the company profile, which later served as a guide for the website. The resulting website was easy to navigate, secure and responsive on all types of devices.

Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
From Concept to Creating: Crafting the ISOCAST Brand