Airtower | Explainer video

Motion Graphics
After Effects
Airtower Networks — your wireless connectivity provider.

Meet a campaign based on four animated videos developed by the Blue Carrot team. The videos explore key advantages of the client’s services, like reliability, flexibility, high-security level, and maintenance. The series consists of one brand and three product videos. Each is dedicated to areas where services by Airtower Networks can be applied: healthcare, offices, and multifamily real estate.

Client: Airtower Networks
Writer / Director / Producer / Editor: T.J. Misny
Art Producer: Yana Martynova
Storyboard and Visual Concept: Modik Studio
Illustrations / Animation: Blue Carrot Studio
Illustrations: Dmitry Novitsky
3D modelling / Texturing: Bogdan Danshin
Animation: Matvii Tsymbal, Dmytro Kovalyov
Voice Narrator: Carolina Santos Read
VFX Supervisor: Milton Francisco 

Product-specific videos are based on 2D motion graphics explaining their essence and advantages, with several live-shot interviews of experts and overviews of Airtower Networks’ equipment.
Airtower | Explainer video

Airtower | Explainer video

Product-specific videos are based on 2D motion graphics with 3D elements explaining their essence and advantages, with several live-shot intervie Read More