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    THis work describes cultism on Nigerian campuses, their origin, types, names, reasons why people join them, effects of joining them and way out f… Read More
    THis work describes cultism on Nigerian campuses, their origin, types, names, reasons why people join them, effects of joining them and way out for a Christian student. Read Less
Campus Cults and Cultism
Help for Christian Students
One of the big challenges facing us as a nation is the rise of various cults in our institutions of learning. This has led to different chaos on our campuses including murders, riots, untimely death of young and innocent students, infiltration of weapons in to our schools, rape, academic failure and termination of academic pursuits.
What is Cultism?
Cultism is described as a situation where a group of people holds beliefs that differ significantly from those of established religion and practice activities that are contrary to those regarded as normal, though in a manner that is extremely religious. Occultism describes the practices of this group.
Background of Cultism in Nigeria
It first started as a pressure group where students come together to help themselves solicit for textbooks and other amenities that could be of benefit to them. People like Prof Wole Soyinka who started the Pyrate Confraternity had a vision like this. But today, the vision and mission has changed to a demonic one. Their activities today include carrying the following around
v    Guns, Indian hemps, machetes, dagger and other deadly weapons around.
They also engage in
v    Killing, avenging each other, intimidation, gangsterism, rape, disruption of the peace, extortion of money from innocent persons, robbery on campus etc.
Before joining a cult, you will be involved in an initiation process which involves secret sacrifices, covenant and oath taking. Betrayal of the oath of secrecy could be punished by death.
Some names of Cults groups on Campuses
Ø Pirates (Sea dog)
Ø Buccaneers (Sea Lords)
Ø Mafia
Ø Black Axe
Ø Eye Confraternity
Ø Daughters of Jezebel
Reasons why people join cult
Former cultists have given the following reasons for joining the cult. They include: 
Ø Frustration: Life seems to have been hopeless and meaningless
Ø Intimidation: They are afraid within or someone is making them afraid
Ø Oppression: They have suffered in the hands of someone for long.
Ø Insecurity: They feel something bad may happen to them in the next moment
Ø Hunger: They are poor and can’t take care of themselves. They need money.
Ø Inferiority complex: They feel lack of confidence and self worth
Ø Need for power and popularity: They want to control others
Ø Peer pressure: Their friends are into it and are convincing them to do in it.
Ø Loneliness: They feel no one cares.
Ø Family lineage:  Their parents are involved.
Some also get involved because they want to pass exams, seduce opposite sex without resistance, obtain esoteric knowledge, secure position of influence in society etc. Often times, lack of care and control can make a young person vulnerable to cult and the occult. Some people are predisposed.
Effect of Cult and Occult practices
An ex-cultist made this confession
“Cultists are very loving and caring when they want to get you into the cult. But as soon as they get you in you are in for a gruesome and bloody life. They fool you, programme you, take you to solitary confinements, beat you, hurt you and it becomes very difficult for you to get out. =YUI_3_3_0_2_1312484636498138> 
Generally here are the consequences of getting involved in cultism
v    Your soul may be sold to the devil through agreement and covenant
v    You may develop poor mental coordination
v    You may live perpetually in bondage to fear
v    You may become very destructive, merciless, stubborn and wicked
v    You may have no regards for social and moral values
v    You may abandon educational studies altogether
v    You may die prematurely
v    You may suffer eternal damnation in hell fire.    
How to Avoid Cultism
The first thing to know is that God is light and light and darkness has nothing in common 2 Cor 6:14-18 Cultism and anything related to it is strictly forbidden by the scripture study the following scriptures: Deut 18:10-12; Lev 19:26-28; Acts 19:17-20.
The Following practical steps will help you
Ø Reject bad association
Ø Engage in meaningful work (studies)
Ø Reject invitation to doubtful places and programme
Ø Avoid odd places / activities
Ø Do not accept gifts indiscriminately
Ø Be content with what you have
Ø Be conscious of the dangers of occultism
Ø Give your life to Christ and be prayerful
Ø Keep company with people who love God
Ø Do not yield to threat or intimidation.
Ø Report any threat
Ø Watch the kinds of books and magazines you read; films you watch and music you listen to.
Finally if you have been involved in anything cultic, secretly or openly or you have been introduced to it or you are under the pressure, all you need to do now is to run to Jesus, he will deliver you right now as you come to him.
Life Skill Facilitation Manual, by SUWA & FCS, (Pgs 115 – 118)
Are Cultist Telling Lies? By Rev. E. A. Ajibade