| LOC: sordevolo, biella
  PRJ: giacomo abbà architect with Edigma studio
  TYP: interior design   
   YR:  2011
this one family house is situated in sordevolo on the north of biella.
the clients, a young couple, wanted a house for themselves with space to accommodate visiting friends
the brief is defined in two parts: a complete living floor at entrance level, and an upper floor with bed rooms.
the interior forms one continuous space across two levels. as a result, movement through the house is characterised by visual shortcuts, spaces and overlapping activities, with sweeping views over mountain.
in contrast to the exterior color, the interior space is very light, it's characterised by windows to let the sunlight enter.
combining rooms in a suite with transverse passages the plan offers several alternative movements through the house. windows are placed to further enhance the difference of the interior spaces by alternatingly directing the views low towards the garden, far away towards the mountains and the horizon, or high up at the trees and the sky above.

project by Edigma studio | Maurizio Boano, Stefano Levis
interior design by Giacomo Abbà