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    Symbiosis is a mixed media project. Model: Dolly Lamour www.facebook.com/missdollylamour?fref=ts www.dollylamour.com Photography and editing… Read More
    Symbiosis is a mixed media project. Model: Dolly Lamour www.facebook.com/missdollylamour?fref=ts www.dollylamour.com Photography and editing: Cunene www.facebook.com/cunenephoto www.cuneneart.com Illustration: Claudia SG www.facebook.com/ScarletGothica.Official.fanpage?fref=ts www.scarletgothica.com/ Read Less
Iris Germanica et Libellula
Hydrangea et Ephemeroptera
Tacca Chantrieri et Chiroptera
Lilium Auratum et  Prerophorus Pentadactyla
SYMBIOSIS means "living toghether", it's an interaction between two or more different biological species.
"Symbiosis comes from the idea of combining different creative minds to produce something different.
I asked Dolly Lamour to pose naked for me, explaining to her what would be Claudia's work.
Claudia was enthusiastic when I proposed to collaborate and she was always ready, openminded, meticulous, patient and affable. It was a pleasure to work with her!"    Cunene

"This has been the first picture I worked on. The main idea for this picture is the sense of lightness suggested by the model. Her pose is dynamic but elegant and graceful at the same time. I had different ideas about the flowers here, but in the end we think the iris flowers would have fit perfectly. Since the iris is a flower which grows near the water, the dragonfly was a perfect animal to add, which in our opinion, reminds very well the same idea of strength and elegance."
Claudia SG
"I really like the almost symmetry of the model here. So I wanted to keep it with the hydrangea flowers but I felt the need of suggesting an idea of dynamism, and the tape helped me in that way. I kept it graphic as for the insects and the key, to enhance the sense of frailty and invisible boundaries of our mind. The ephemeras instead (insects I really love), recall the idea of the transience of existence, suggesting the "Vanitas" theme."
Claudia SG
"I always wanted to use this kind of flower in some artworks of mine, but I've never had the chance to use them. When I first saw this beautiful photo I immediately thought: "the pose, the model... it's perfect for the bat flower!". The idea here is to put the flower on her just like she is wearing a dress, a very modern one. Formerly, the idea for the animal part was about a silk moth, but it didn't convince me very much and I preferred to keep the "bat" idea, giving to the whole picture a "vampiric" look."
Claudia SG
"This was the last picture I received from Cunene. It's slightly different from the other ones, because it's the only one where Dolly doesn't look at the camera/viewer, and the only one where the model's pose seems to interact with "something". So we decided to recall my "origins", and the result is a very gothic/decadent picture: the lilies get dried when she touches them with her hands, the luminous moths and the spider webs give a sense of spookiness, suggesting once again the "Vanitas" theme (something really dear to both of us)."
Claudia SG

Model: Dolly Lamour 

Photography and editing: Cunene

Illustration: Claudia SG
All the pics can be printed and are for sale!
For information write at: info@cunene.it  or info@scarletgothica.com