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    Creating the brand of the organic catering service
Brand development for organic catering services and vegan fast-food.
After researches in the focus groups was selected friendly brand identity.
This character is most suitable for the selected target audiences (mostly young women).
The main slogan is "We love good food."
The logo brings together the stylized image of an apple (almost all-season fruit in Russia), the image of a young leaves of the germ and the symbol of love - the heart.

The logo can be used in full or the shortened form, and also as a symbol (the heart).
Some pages from the presentation of the new brand with the sample of the color palette, moodboard and the sample of the character of communication with the consumer.
The basis of the pattern is hand drawn illustration of seasonal fruits and vegetables, typical for Russia.
In the corporate brand printing preferably using recycled kraft paper and environmentally friendly ink.
The site was created on Squarespace.
For color-funs we provided an opportunity to paint t-shirts and bags with special markers on the fabric.
Art-direction, design, photography and project-management - Asya Kolokolova.
Illustrations - Anna Sergeeva.
T H A N K S      F O R     A P P R E C I A T E D!