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    These are a few skeletons in my closet, and I just want to clean them out. But the more I let them out I find myself wanting to keep them around.… Read More
    These are a few skeletons in my closet, and I just want to clean them out. But the more I let them out I find myself wanting to keep them around. Because how can I measure the good times without comparing them to the bad times. Read Less
Bare Bone and Raw
I'll let them talk for me....
ink, digital painting, "Cerebrum Celebration"

This picture illustrates the many manifestations a person can take.

There are times were I share equally in discourse, rare times were I converse freely and openly, but too often I dare not say a word.
For society, family, and even friends have taught me that it's far better to keep my mouth shut than to open up and lose everyone.
pencil, digital paint, "Strawberries"

It is surprising how well music can inspire creation. This image was completely inspired and created after I listened to Fleet Foxes song "White Winter Hymnal".
The skellies represent memories; some are treasured and handled with care while others become forgotten or repressed.
pencil, ink, digital painting, "Dress You Up in My Love"

The girls here really do love dressing up and this time they wanted something more personal.

As the skin is cut and stitched up it starts to develop color and life.
So far it's a perfect fit.
pencil, digital painting, "Danza de la Muerte"

The one song we all know, but have yet to perform.
La canción que nosotros saber, pero tenemos no todavía tocar.

I recently read up on the art movement "Danse Macabre" (translated in many different languages). The mentality of the dead being more lively than the living and that dead knows no difference between the rich and poor.

p.s. please feel free to correct my spanish, i'm still studying.
Untitled, watercolor 15"x20"

Well this is ironic, this image is about me trying to assimilate with other people, being more open and talkative, and yet I have nothing more to say about this image.....
acetone transfer, "Go Fish"

Instead of catching them just play with them. Sooner or later, without force, they will go through your hoops.
Lithograph on stained paper. "Ties that Run Deeper"

This piece is still very personal to me.
Let's just say that it takes more than just being birthed by a woman to make her your mom.
.............it's more than title
......................and it's deeper than blood
watercolor, ink pen, "Bee-Hive"

Inside of a hive bees communicate by dancing, unfortunately the little skellie cannot dance. For now the skellie is incognito, but sooner or later the bees will find out.

This image is about my experience throughout life. I often find myself amongst groups of people who have view points and believe systems that I don’t share. It wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t feel like some of them constantly wanted to fight over whose morals/political views were better. After some time I’ve realized that it’s easier to not voice my opinions because I often get stung.

So in the end I’m often left watching the dance from the sidelines.

I’m not pegging down one particular group because I’ve seen Conservatives, Liberals, Religious, Atheists, hard-headed, and even ‘open-minded ‘people end friendships and start fights over one opposing view point….
But you know, it’s interesting to hear how bold/obscene some people can be when no one opposes them.
watercolor, ink pen, "Whomp Whomp"

fyi: the title is kind of an onomatopoeia of an ultrasound ...sound
pencil, digital paint, "Float"

Had a really weird moment in the bath,
couldn't tell if I had lost weight
or lost a dimension

pencil, digital paint, "Run Wild"

Momma always said "don't let your imagination run wild".
pen, digital paint, "Parade"

Here I was trying to develop more personality with the skellies along with detail and setting.
ink pen, digital paint, "Versus"

This is about Thanatos vs. Eros, or Death Instinct vs. Self-preservation which are personified by my skelies.
Also the nerves that are anchoring the feet are spilling a type of Morse Code.

Personally I've never acted out my death drive but the thought of self-destruction has crossed my mind (i.e. thought of what it would be like to drive off of a bridge).
From my own perspective, this isn't about suicidal thoughts but more about the curiosity of what death would bring. "morbid ain't it"

Death is the final frontier of human exploration.
ink, watercolor, "Candy Skullls"

I do enjoy how silly the skellies can be. Oh calm down it's just candy!
Here stands the first "Toys for Tots"
This lithography print represents a promise I made to myself and my possible future children.
Acrylic paint and oval wood frame. "Calcium"

With this image I'm not really addressing personal issues, instead I'm exercising my own imagination. I took the notion of calcium and tried to connect everything it nourishes in nature: bones, plants, limestone architecture, veins, seashells, and alabaster stained glass, and put them all into one image.
Promise Box, colored pencil on paper
Prints of some of my images are available here:

 Butterfly Skull

 speed painting, acrylic, 1hr 30min, 16"x20",  SOLD