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Football Association Begins Klinsmann Evaluation

Football Association Begins Klinsmann Evaluation this Week
Football Association Begins Klinsmann Evaluation this Week... “Proceed as Quickly as Possible”

Next month's World Cup 2nd qualifier against Thailand... In case of a manager change, the final decision is up to Chairman Chung Mong-gyu... KRW 7 billion remaining annual salary, next election, etc. likely to be considered

The process to decide whether to fire coach Jürgen Klinsmann of the Korean national soccer team will proceed at a rapid pace starting after the Lunar New Year holiday.

The Korea Football Association plans to proceed with the process as quickly as possible as time is running out until the next international match period, when the second qualifying match for the 2026 North and Central America World Cup will be held.

According to officials of the Football Association on the 12th, the association will hold a national team strength strengthening committee as early as this week to evaluate Klinsmann's performance in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup.

The focus of the Power Strengthening Committee's discussion is on the evaluation of Coach Klinsmann, who is in danger of being dismissed. 온라인카지노

It seems that they will evaluate the leadership he showed in the Asian Cup and reach a consensus on whether he can be entrusted with leading the national team until the North and Central America World Cup.

A high-ranking official of the Football Association said, “Once the Strengthening Committee evaluates Klinsmann and organizes its opinions (related to dismissal), the executive department will receive the report and make the final decision.”

He added, “As the World Cup qualifiers are scheduled next month, the Strengthening Committee’s schedule will be adjusted as much as possible.”

“We need to catch it quickly and proceed with the process,” he said.

Another official said, “I believe the Power Strengthening Committee will make a judgment on Coach Klinsmann by next week at the latest.”

Korea will immediately play the 3rd and 4th games of the World Cup 2nd qualifying round against Thailand on the 21st (home) and 26th (away) of next month.

Thailand, a leader in Southeast Asia, is considered the most difficult team among Korea's opponents in the second preliminary round.

If the Football Association decides to replace the head coach, the appointment of a new coach must be completed at the latest before the March international match period (18th to 26th) when the two-game series against Thailand is played.

If player selection is normally left to the new manager, the manager selection should be completed earlier, in early March.
That means you only have about a month to spare.

There is a short period of time to proceed with the process from searching for a new director candidate to selecting the final director.

Regardless of the opinions expressed by the Power Strengthening Committee, the final decision is made by Football Association President Chung Mong-gyu.

Chairman Chung is expected to decide whether to accompany Director Klinsmann, taking into account the large amount of remaining annual salary that must be paid if Director Klinsmann is dismissed, and the one year remaining until the next presidential election.

It is known that the contract between Coach Klinsmann and the Football Association included a stipulation that the remaining annual salary must be paid in the event of dismissal.

Coach Klinsmann's contract lasts until the North and Central America World Cup.

He has about two years and five months left until the finals of the competition.

Calculating the annual salary of 2.9 billion won as reported through overseas media, about 7 billion won would have to be paid to Coach Klinsmann if he is dismissed immediately.

This is a large amount equivalent to 3.7% of the Football Association's budget of 187.6 billion won this year.

If you add the money that must be paid to the coaches of the Klinsmann Division, the amount that the Football Association must bear becomes even larger.

In the soccer world, it is believed that Chairman Chung's 'political judgment' will also affect whether he is dismissed.

With the election for the next President of the Football Association taking place in January next year, it is known that Chairman Chung intends to run for a fourth term.

If Klinsmann does poorly in the third round of the World Cup qualifiers starting in September this year, Chairman Chung, who reappointed him, will have nothing to say.

Korean soccer reached the semifinals at the Qatar Asian Cup, which ended with the victory of the host nation, Qatar, on the 10th.
Players recognized as 'top level' on the European stage, such as Son Heung-min (Tottenham), Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), and Kim Min-jae (Munich), played in offense and defense and were evaluated as 'the best of all time', but they failed to achieve their goal of winning for the first time in 64 years. I couldn't do it.

Klinsmann continued to perform poorly, drawing strong criticism from fans.

In particular, in the semi-final against Jordan, the team lost 0-2 after a lethargic performance with '0 effective shots', adding fuel to the angry public opinion.

Even political circles that have nothing to do with soccer are raising their voices calling for Coach Jurgen Klinsmann to be sacked.
Football Association Begins Klinsmann Evaluation

Football Association Begins Klinsmann Evaluation


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