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Bangalore Talkies

Bengaluru Talkies
Celebrating the rustic, old world  charm of the single screen theatres of Bangalore that now live only in our memories. A personal project captures bygone era of the rich, vibrant, movie going culture of Banglaore.
Here are some of the most popular theatres, that still continue to be known as landmark locations even after their times, unique with its identity and architectural styles.

The aim through this series of artworks was to capture the Nostalgia/Culture of our city, Bangalore. Personally, for me this is reminiscing the good old days of my growing up years, enjoying several block bluster movies that were screened in these theatres.

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Sangam Theatre a very popular single screen theatre around the heart of Bangalore bus stand. Know for screening some the popular block buster movies, in Kannada, Hindi and Telugu, is now a memory in the hearts of several long time movie buffs. Huge cut outs of most favourite actors/actresses were put up, decorated with flowers and lights

Tribhuvan, an iconic movie theatre known for screening some of the most popular Kannada and Hindi movies. The theatre was build more than 70 year ago. Located around Majestic area, the heart of Kempegowda’s Bengaluru which was considered the ‘Broadway’ for Kannada movies.

Here is another Gem, an absolute architectural delight - Empire. Now Typically is nestled behind huge adverting hoarding on MG road. Built around 1940’s it ran full house for mostly Hollywood films. This was a favourite hub for film lovers

Plaza Theatre  was one of the oldest premier movie theatre that started in MG Road in 1936. Modelled on the ‘Plaza’ - Piccadilly Circus in London, was known for screening some of the most popular movies brining Hollywood to Bangalore. Now a happy memory in the hearts of several long time movie buffs.

Natraj theatre (1970 -2018) around Seshadripuram was an iconic landmark with its Art Deco architecture style and a unique personality.  Growing up around Seshadripuram, meant it was an easy walk to catch several first day first show movies that created fond memories for me and certainly for many fellow Bangaloreans.

My workspace in illustrator with references and pictures while creating the illustration

Rex movie theatre Known for screeing Hollywood movies brings back fond memories of watching some of the iconic movies growing up. The theatre was built more than 80 years ago, when Bengaluru was still two distinct cities for all practical purposes---Kempegowda’s ‘pete,’ with its Kannada-speaking population, and the Cantonment, with the last of the British and Anglicised Indian crowd.

The iconic Opera movie House, Aka New Opera  stands in the intersection of brigade and Residency Road Known for screening Hollywood movies is now a Samsung Experience centre the only one of a kind in the word. The historic building was built in the 1930s by William Skipp, creating a breakthrough for the city since its construction.

Pictures of the some of the popular single screen movie theatres

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Bangalore Talkies

Bangalore Talkies