Wegrow Branding


Wegrow Branding and Website

Wegrow is a design subscription service aimed at delivering continuous, high-quality design solutions to startups and established businesses alike. Our objective was to create a comprehensive brand identity that reflects our commitment to growth, innovation, and quality design. This case study outlines our process in developing Wegrow’s branding from conceptualization to final implementation, along with the development of a responsive, user-centric website designed to engage and convert potential clients.

Our primary challenge was to encapsulate the values of flexibility, creativity, and scalability intrinsic to the Wegrow service. The branding needed to communicate trustworthiness and professionalism while remaining approachable. Additionally, the website required a clear structure to convey the subscription model’s benefits effectively and encourage sign-ups.

The new branding has significantly enhanced Wegrow’s market positioning, establishing a memorable presence that resonates with our target audience. The website has seen increased engagement, with higher conversion rates and significantly more subscriptions within the first few months post-launch. The cohesive brand identity across all platforms has strengthened Wegrow’s reputation as a leader in design solutions.

The Wegrow branding and website project exemplifies how thoughtful design and strategic web development can transform a service’s presentation and perception. Through meticulous research, creative design, and user-focused development, we've crafted an identity and online presence that truly embodies the spirit of growth and innovation at the heart of Wegrow.


Art Direction: Vadim Carazan
Graphic Design: Vadim Carazan, Victor Murea
Illustration: Razvan Vezeteu
Motion and 3D: Adrian Campagnolle
3D Graphics: Constantin Calcatinge
Web Design: Vadim Carazan

Wegrow Branding

Wegrow Branding

Explore the transformative journey of wegrow.design, an innovative design subscription service that caters to startups and businesses seeking con Read More