Koraczimie Ploo
A kora is a harp built from a large calabash cut in half and covered with cow skin to make a resonator with a long hardwood neck. The skin is supported by two handles that run under it and it supports a notched double free standing bridge. It doesn't fit into any one category of musical instruments, but rather several, and must be awkwardly classified as a "double-bridge-harp-lute." The strings run in two divided ranks making it a double harp, they do not end in a soundboard but are held in notches on a bridge making it a bridge harp, they originate from a string arm or neck and cross a bridge directly supported by a resonating chamber making it a lute too.
Estas imágenes las hice con una maravillosa música de fondo, producida por este maravilloso instrumento musical. El Kora es de africa, y sus 21 cuerdas producen sonidos mágicos y realmente inspiradores. El nombre de estas imágenes solo acude a la combinación simple de "kora", en nombre de la música que me acompaño, y una locura inventada.