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    www.MisterGreggy.com Website design, including scripting, graphics, copy writing, layout, video editing.

This is the website for my children's entertainment work. I designed for mobile first, using the Cross Browser Testing online service to check it against various browsers and sizes.

It's set up as a single page site, the links scroll down to the chosen section. There is no timed transition, so it appears the links go to a different page. The navigation bar at the top stays there, on mobile as a hamburger menu. At the bottom of each section is a link to go back to the top.

The large top image changes every few seconds to another random photo. I set it so the images on a mobile device are smaller, using less bandwidth, and the slide show stops when the user scrolls down.

The contact form is a PHP script I wrote that is very user friendly and easily transferable to other sites. I developed the site using PHP, jQuery, CSS and HTML.