Cab Design Thameslink Class 700
Innovatively for a multiple unit train operating in the UK the driver is centrally positioned in the cab. This allows the opportunity for an instrument layout that takes account of ergonomic and human factor requirements more fully than is usually possible, and also has great advantages for driver visibility.
The cab design recognises the crucial importance of the driver in service delivery by ensuring controls are logically zoned for use, do not obstruct or obstruct one another and are within easy access. Interactive diagnostic screens provide the driver with real time information on train status and operation for system interrogation and control, while banked cctv screens insure safe and efficient platform departure.
This modern, crash worthy, wide view, ergonomic cab environment will therefore promote greater levels of efficiency in driving, energy consumption, dwell time management, journey time maintenance, train failure management, passenger safety, passenger communications and personal driver safety.
Beneath are a series of photos taken from Innotrans Berlin 2014, where the train was unveiled.
The images below show a series of renders and cad work produced for the project.
Cab Design Thameslink Class 700