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Phygital clothing collection for Festival 404

Festival 404 X SXEMA
Phygital clothing collection.

We have teamed up with Merkteam to develop a stylish phygital clothing collection for the 404 Festival.
The 404 Festival is a cult event for the IT industry, which unites thousands of professionals and forms a cohesive community of IT specialists. Top speakers are invited annually to share their valuable experience and knowledge

When creating the collection, our team reimagined the images of modern IT specialists and designed clothes for which comfort and style are synonymous.

How did we develop the phygital clothing collection ?
moodboard — concepts — 3D visualization — tailoring

Before developing design concepts, we studied the target audience of Festival 404 and its mission in order to create clothes that correspond to the ideas and demands of the IT-sphere employees.

We formed a portrait of an IT-specialist and came to the conclusion that he is young, energetic, eager to open new horizons and willing to do it in comfortable, stylish and practical clothes. Hence, this became our goal.

But how to understand what is fashionable now? We have analyzed current trends, studied the latest collections of brands and conducted research in the fashion world. Based on our research we defined the style of the collection to create practical, stylish and technological collection with a coherent image that can be seen in each piece.

Then we started to select the color palette, materials and accessories. At this stage, the visual style of the collection is agreed upon. The colors must be in line with the overall concept, and the materials and fittings must be of high quality and practical.

For example, when choosing the material for the ribbon that is sewn to the back of the T-shirt, we opted for nylon, as it recovers its shape best and almost never deforms during active wear. Technical sketches and visualizations in 3D are a way to present a future collection and see how it will look in reality.

This stage allows the customer to see the future garment and make their own changes to the scale of the print, product parameters and other details in order to get the perfect result and avoid revisions after the garment is sewn.

As soon as each of the stages is over, you can create a layout of patterns and transfer the terms of reference for sewing physical things.

AR clothing
Integrating items into augmented reality

In parallel to the development of physical things (after the approval of 3D samples), we also developed AR filters with clothes, with which you can try on clothes in augmented reality.

Releasing Producer: Katerina Tsapaeva
Technical fashion designer & Graphics: Anastasia Kozlova
Construction: Vladimir Novikov
3D modeling: Olga Gladilova
Confectionist: Sonya Paskhina
Production: Rosee knitwear factory x  Mila Anderst х Tatyana Knyazeva

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Phygital clothing collection for Festival 404


Phygital clothing collection for Festival 404