2011 Cannonball Charity Ride
2011 Cannonball Charity Ride
Images by Lindsey Collier
Day 1:  Starting in Bribie Island the riders were faced with the difficult terrain of Queensland's rainforests and recent floods made the trek across the state a bit of a challenge.
Day 1: The riders still couldn't resist the temptation of the water.
Day 1: Mark had difficulty pulling his bike out from underneath a log in the river.  He managed to submerge himself and the bike totally.
Day 1:  The wild life were amused by all the drama that was happening in the river.
Day 1:  As the day drew to an end we found our way to Westmar where we were entertained by local artist Tommy Lee Archer.
Day 2:  Leaving Westmar the riders were faced with the start of the long dry dirt roads.  That night we bunked at a little place that consisted of just a pub and hall called Toompine.  It was an interesting night as everyone slept in the hall; there were noises we never knew existed coming from some of those men.
Day 3:  The terrain started to become a bit more peaceful heading towards the Northern Territory border.
Day 3:  I was mesmerised by the sheer size of these birds; incredible.
Day 3:  We stopped off at a school in Eromanga for morning tea to educate the 5 primary school students about EB, the kids enjoyed jumping on the bikes and mingling with the riders.
Day 3:  Back to the dirt and dust the riders headed off from the school.
Day 3:  Stopped for lunch consisting of salad wraps on the side of the dirt road.
Day 3:  We arrived at our destination for the day, a dried up creek on the side of the road near Betoota River.  After setting up camp the riders relaxed with a nice cold beverage and then headed to the paddock for a group photo at sunset.
Day 3:  The night ended with fireworks in the paddock to celebrate Greg's 70th birthday.
Day 4:  The wildlife were out to greet the riders as they passed.
Day 4:  The day ceased with a beautiful sunset from Tobermorey Station.
Day 5:  We started the journey across the Northern Territory.  Stopping at a little private property to fuel up, Marco (the film man) got friendly with a local.
Day 6:  Marco and I travelled to Kings Creek Station from Alice Springs via Helicopter whilst the riders and support vehicles travelled on the roads.  This was an amazing experience flying over and through the canyons, mustering camels and spotting wild brumbies.
Day 6:  After half a day with out photographing the riders when they did show up at Kings Creek Station some decided to show off.
Day 7:  (Lay Day at Kings Creek Station)  Today was aimed at getting aerial shots of the riders along the nearby dirt roads.  
Day 8:  On the road again.... The riders stop on the side of the road to fuel up, in the meantime I'm driving past in the truck and on our way to Kulgera for lunch.
Day 8:  Rick stops at a gate to wait for some of the other riders.
Day 8:  Our destination for the night; Mt Dare.
Day 9:  We stopped at Oodnadatta for lunch and were greeted by some on the locals at the Pink Roadhouse.
Day 9:  We made it to William Creek late afternoon which was also our camp ground for the night.  Just thought the above image was quite humorous. 
Day 9:  Inside the pub was incredible; so many different things on the walls to look at.  People as they pass through stick an item of theirs on the wall or roof.  The flies were particularly bad here but the atomosphere that night was great.
Day 10:  This day we drove through the Lake Eyre Basin.
Day 10:  Only in Marree.....
Day 10: We headed through the Flinders Ranges to our destination Arkaroola stopping at a dried up rocky creek bed for afternoon tea.
Day 11:  The Debra ladies, Simone and Sue, pose infront of the Great Wall of China for a photo opportunity.
Day 11:  And the riders join us soon after for their fair share of the lime light.
Day 11:  The riders gather for a photo opportunity.
Day 10:  The image used on the cover of the "new look" Trail Bike Adventure Magazine released 24th August 2011, for a preview of the cover go to http://www.tbam.com.au/news/1228-new-look-tbam
Day 12:  The final day of the voyage started at Peterborough and went on our way to finish at the Cannonball Carnival located at Angaston park in SA.  
Day 12:  The riders and support crew gather for a formal group photo at the oval.
Day 12:  And then it's time to relax and enjoy the carnival.
Day 12:  Conner (an EB sufferer) enjoyed the carnival and getting his face painted.
And the ride ends with an informal photo of everyone in front of the truck with the EB families at our accommodation in Adelaide.
Here's a photo of me working my magic at the Great Wall of China (provided by Sue McKenna).
2011 Cannonball Charity Ride

2011 Cannonball Charity Ride

The Cannonball Charity Ride 2011 left Bribie Island on the 8th of May and journeyed off road to Alice Springs and down to the Barossa Valley. The Read More

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