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    words hidden on different canvas
Hidden word trilogy

Three things hard to find, three words hidden on a very special trilogy.

I started this project the summer of 2009, with one of the most difficult things to find: "LovE".
This first canvas is a wardrobe door that my girl brought home for me. It had a pink stain which was my cue to start painting it that color. It was a marriage present for a young couple.

The second was an old rounded canvas with an awful desing which I tried to hide during three months in 2010, with a very colorful palette. This was for a very good friend an one of the most creative people I have ever met. This is "IdeA".

The third is unfinished because I had to move to Chicago and couldn't finish it on time. This one I found on my way to work, it was near a dumpster, but I thought that the frame was cool enough to give it a second chance. I hope to finish it one day. This is "AnsweR".